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Staley Vision

""Penned With The Master's Ink""

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Pieces Of An Unfinished Product


About the Book

Through the pages of Pieces of An Unfinished Product readers will find a well delineated road map to destiny. A road that is not always easy to travel, but, unfortunately, it is necessary. A road that incurs certain adventures that can sometimes be a palate of unpleasant flavors. However, when one’s ultimate desire is the heart of God, the road and its explorations are well worth the experiences.

Hence, the antidote to this erratic journey is awareness and preparation. Which, by characterization, is the ability to recognize and properly execute actions that will ultimately help in evading the many ruses and quandaries that have been setup by the enemy. Readers will find that through diligent study and prayer, the ultimate scheme of the enemy will be revealed and his ploy to render you completely and utterly unusable by God will be destroyed.

Be assured, there will be things that will try to distract you. However, keep your focus and remain in charge of your direction of travel. Become so desperate for God that all other things diminish in its splendor. As you explore these pages, let your desperation for God spark a thirst in your Soul that drives you ambitiously closer to the Heart and Will of God. Be enlightened by the magnanimous power of God’s freedom so much that it engages your heart to chase passionately after the things that God has planned for you. Remember, the battle is not given to the swift nor the strong but to the one that endures to the end. Are you tired of the mundane press of distractions that seem to have beaten you down? Take a journey with me and explore a new freedom in God. It’s time to build your endurance…are you ready for the challenge?

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