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About the Author

La’Christall Staley, a native of Texas, is a well-versed poet and author. She is also a minister and Praise and Worship leader. She has served as chairperson on the board of Local Mission Associations, done outreach and evangelistic preaching and teaching, lectured at numerous women’s retreats, taught countless self-help seminars, and conducted many marital conferences. She attended college in Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Georgia and graduated Magnum Cum Laude at the top of her class. She is also a graduate of the Church of God School of Ministry.

La’Christall has written several reviews for B.E.T.’s Sunday’s Best on and published much of her poetry work on You can also find some of her work in various published poetry collection books. She is best known for her writings of poetry and inspirational blurbs on various social media’s. Her writing genres range from Spiritual Inspiration to Religious Fiction and Non-fiction. All of her writings explicitly convey her passion and love for God.

La’Christall is one who loves taking exciting new adventures. She has toured many castles in West Germany and explored the salt mines. She has bought Crystal in the Republic of Czech, sailed a ship to New England, walked the streets of Paris, and had dinner in the Eagle’s Nest. And, though she is no Mother Goose and does not live in a shoe, she does have a lot of children and is an expert on what to do. She loves quiet times with her husband, family dinners, holidays with her parents, and crafting. 

The Author's Note

Each book, poem, blog, or thought that has been written by Author, La'Christall R. Staley, has been meticulously penned from her heart with passion and reflects her creative ability mirrored from God. Her words, penned so vividly, leap off the page, and without specific permissions, captivates her readers attention undeniably. You will thoroughly enjoy every word she had written.

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La'Christall R. Staley's mission is to passionately and accurately convey, by pen, the thoughts and words of the Masters heart. Through creative use of words, she invites your mind on a journey of discovering purpose, defining visions, and the intentional pursuit of destiny.

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